Frequently Asked Questions

We at Contain-A-Pet feel that it is important for you to be aware of all the different types of pet containment systems that are available in your area.

We hope that by informing you of the things that you should be aware of, that you will be able to make a better decision concerning your pet containment investment. We also hope that after your comparison, your decision will be to own one of our pet fence systems. If not, we still wish you success in keeping your pet safe at home.

Following are some “critical” points that you should ask all companies before your purchase. Our knowledge comes from years of experience and dedication in keeping your pets safely contained and customers satisfied.

We have listed these points or questions below. Thank you.

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What is the Contain-A-Pet electronic dog fence guarantee?

Contain-A-Pet recommends that its Dealers provide a one year pet 100% money back containment fence guarantee. No other company offers this!

Our only stipulation to the guarantee is that you cooperate with our trainers and follow their recommendations. Very rarely do we encounter a dog that one of our dog trainers/behaviorists can not contain. Of course we ask you to do your part by doing the training and conditioning, maintaining your fence and collar, etc.

There may be some instances that may limit this fence guarantee. Please check with your Contain-A-Pet Dealer for their guarantee.

Contain-A-Pet was the first in the pet containment industry to have its Dealers provide such a fence guarantee. It’s simple. We believe if you invested in a pet containment system to contain your pet, it should contain your pet.

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What is the electronic pet fence warranty on Contain-A-Pet?

In 2004, we started offering a limited lifetime fence warranty on most of the products on our outdoor electronic fence system to the original purchasers of our system.

The electronic collars have a lifetime warranty on any problem that arises from electronic malfunctions or defects. We will replace or repair each collar that is found to have such a malfunction. Your only cost is shipping and handling or a service call for our local Contain-A-Pet Dealer to visit your home.

The transmitter (device that send the signal through the wire) also has a lifetime warranty on any electronic malfunctions or defects that occur due to the manufacture of the unit. It also includes damage by a power surge to the system (including a lightning surge). Your only cost is shipping and handling or the cost of a service call for our local Contain-A-Pet Dealer to visit your home and repair it.

Our portable indoor wireless fence contains a one year warranty from manufacturing defects.

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How do you conduct the underground dog fence training?

First of all, it is very important that you realize that Contain-A-Pet’s professional experience is in animal training and behavior. Our training techniques are different than any other company although we find ourselves being copied more and more.

Depending on the pet being contained, we utilize a Pavlovian conditioning method that utilizes combinations of training string and flag visual boundary (depending on the personality and temperament of your dog). The combination of the flags and string provide both a visual and a physical boundary for your pet. This is designed to reduce the stress on your pet by giving it finite boundaries and reinforcing our training process.

Many companies use flags by themselves and they place them 6-8 feet apart. This creates a void or area between each flag. When a dog becomes disoriented, he may run between the two flags and out the property, thus conditioning him to escape the fence instead of being contained by it.

A typical conditioning period will last 10 minutes per day for 5-7 days followed by a 1-2 week supervisory period.

We are able to adjust the correction of our collar/receiver to fit the personality type and breed of your pet. This includes very small dogs all the way to the large “escape artists” that our competitors’ systems cannot seem to keep in. One big key, many times our competitors will have to change collars to their stronger (which is much bigger and heavier) collar if the dog gets out. You can confirm this by asking our competitor.

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How old should a puppy be before being trained to the electronic fence?

A puppy should not be placed on the electronic fence before the age of four months of age! It does not matter the size, personality or temperament of the puppy. Some puppies should not be put on the electronic pet containment system until as late as five months of age or later.

All puppies go through a fear imprint stage from approximately six weeks to sixteen weeks of age. Any thing that could psychologically damage a puppy during this time can affect it for life. This has been thoroughly researched by dog behaviorists and professionals.

Do not take a chance with your puppy because some electronic fence company wants you to go ahead and commit to them. Most of our Dealers are true dog training professionals and can assist with determining your puppy’s personality and temperament.

You can read more about fear imprint stages of your puppy in relation to fencing by going to our Dog Training and Fencing Blog.

Note: Beginning in 2007, Contain-A-Pet has mandated all new Contain-A-Pet Dealers be certified dog training professionals. We are the only company that has endorsed using true pet professionals in this industry.

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Do you have a small dog fence collar for small dogs?

Yes. Contain-A-Pet has a small dog fence collar that weighs less than 1.1 oz. and it’s smaller than a matchbox. We use this small training collar on small dogs, some mild temperament medium/large size dogs and cats.

The collar is completely programmable. We can adjust the correction to the temperament and personality of your pet. We can match the fence collar to work any of the major brands of pet fence systems (an industry first). The programmable series of our electronic dog collar even has an audible alarm to let you know that the battery is getting low (another industry first).

There are even more features of Contain-A-Pet’s small dog fence collar. It’s all about keeping your pet safe and happy in your yard.

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My dog keeps getting out of our underground dog fence. Do you have a stubborn dog fence collar?

Yes we do have a stubborn dog fence collar; but we rarely have to use it because most of our Dealers are professional dog trainers who know how to read your dog’s personality and temperament. They know how to keep your pet in your fence by using sound training and conditioning principles.

In the event a dog does start getting out of your underground dog fence, we can usually source out the cause and devise a method of containing him without resorting to a much higher correction.

So, if your dog is getting out of your fence, call us. We have products that will work with most of the underground dog containment systems.

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Can I put my cat on an electric cat fence?

The electric cat fence is becoming an effective means of containing cats. The training is different than the dog fence training; but cats learn quickly. We have been very successful in containing cats on the electric fence.

There are three different methods for cat fence training. The best method of training requires your cat to wear a harness during training. Your local Dealer can go in to more detail regarding the training and conditioning process.

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How does the electronic indoor fence work?

The electronic indoor fence is a wireless fence transmitter that emits a signal in a radius out from the unit. This signal can project from inches to 6 – 8 feet away from the unit. If the dog or cat gets into this signal field, the collar will activate and scoot the pet back away from whatever area the indoor fence is protecting.

The founders of Contain-A-Pet were the first people to develop the electronic indoor fence. It was initially invented for dog behavioral problems in the house such as dogs/cats getting on furniture, getting in trash cans, separating pet food dishes, bolting out or even scratching expensive doors. You can even fence off areas of the house including rooms, stairways, etc.

As a professional trainer, we recommend training your pet to the area, using the unit consistently (not turning it on and off), and keeping it in one place. You may confuse your pet and cause it to be unsure of its surroundings.

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Why should I avoid buying a wireless fence?

Current variations of the wireless fence have some major inherent problems. The feedback we have received from people who purchased these units before they invested in Contain-A-Pet seems to have the same common problems.

The signal field that is emitted in a circular pattern around the yard can swing wildly. That is one day your pet may get two feet from the boundary and get corrected and the next it could be six feet or more. This can create major behavioral problems in your dog from aggression, to indoor potty use to anxiety. How would you like this to happen to your pet?

 Another problem that has been reported is that gutters, lawn furniture and other metal objects in your yard or home can be “charged” much more readily that normal fence systems. Again, your pet gets a needless correction that can create problems down the road.

The signal range is very limited. Normally, the unit sends a signal in a circle which can encroach on your neighbors’ boundaries which can create a very stressful situation with them. In addition, your pet does not get as much area to play in and you cannot keep them out of flower beds, garbage cans, etc.

 Even if these problems did not occur, there is still one major problem with any system that you do yourself. That is not having a professional trainer that can determine the safest and most effective way to condition your pet to the fence. And, just because someone sells electronic fences does not mean they have the knowledge necessary to read personality, temperament and drive.

It only takes once to screw something up permanently. We believe your pet and family deserves the best … and it doesn’t necessarily cost more to do it right the first time.

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How much does an electric dog fence or pet containment system cost?

Pricing for the electric dog fence or pet containment system really depends on the number of pets you want to contain and how big your property is. We are very competitive in regards to pricing.

Our products are made in the USA. Very few companies do this anymore. We believe

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Should I consider purchasing a pet fence battery backup?

Purchasing a pet fence battery back-up is a personal decision. Are you in an area where you have many short term power outages? If so, it is a no brainer to own one.

Are you worried about long term outages? If so, the battery back-up is not really a viable option. Weather is usually the problem with most long term outages. Your pet is usually indoors with you in these situations.

 Lastly, why should your pet test the fence when the power is out? With our system and our professional training, very rarely does a pet test the system. Why? Because we help train your pets to stay safely away from where the correction occurs.

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Do you use a special dog fence battery?

The dog fence is made up of either three or four 1.5v Energizer 303/357 silver oxide cells wrapped in a heat shrink wrap (depending on the type of electronic receiver collar). The dog fence batteries are non-proprietary meaning you do not have to purchase them from your local Dealer. We would hope you would buy batteries from your local Dealer as they are guaranteed fresh; but, you could go out and purchase these batteries if you caught in a pinch.

This dog fence battery is much less expensive than those batteries you have to purchase that are attached to the battery cap making you buy a battery cap as well.

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Is there a special type and size of pet fence wire that should be used?

There are two types of wire that is used in the pet fence industry. One is a 14 gauge or stronger copper stranded, coated wire (normally called THHN) and the other is a 14 gauge polyethylene coated single strand copper wire (normally called PE wire).

The PE wire has a thicker jacket or coating and is rated for underground use. In my opinion, either wire can be used as long as it is buried without damaging the coating and water proof splices are used. Most fence companies use a lighter gauge PE wire due to cost. I recommend 14 gauge as a minimum.

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Would you like to read a dog fence review?

We have done a number of in depth dog fence review articles on what we think are important regarding a pet owner’s decision making process prior to purchasing a dog containment system for your dog.

You can find them in our Dog Fence and Training Blog under the category “Dog Fence Review”.

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Why buy a fence for dogs from Contain-A-Pet?

Hopefully, this FAQ and some of the information on this website has given you plenty of reasons to trust Contain-A-Pet more than any other fence option.

No one else in the industry offers the one year pet containment guarantee, the lifetime electronics warranty and professional training together in an exclusive package. In addition, Contain-A-Pet is Made in the USA. It is surprisingly affordable; and, there is no risk and everything to gain.

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In conclusion, we would like to thank you for your interest. Hopefully, reading this information will assure you that we are thorough and sincere about your pet’s well being.

Contain-A-Pet is not just in the business of selling “doggie fences”, but is in the business of improving our clients’ and their pets’ lives.

It is not our policy to become involved in “high pressure, sign on the dotted line” sales techniques, nor is it our policy to discredit our competition. However, we do want you to be aware of what we have to offer and why we feel it is the safest, most cost effective electronic pet containment system in the market.

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