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The Contain-A-Pet Containment System And How It Works

The Contain-A-Pet pet fence system which includes the transmitter (wall unit) and the electronic receiver (electronic box attached to the collar) is basically a mini computer.The transmitter sends a digital signal through a wire buried around your property. Your dog or cat wears a small receiver that is searching for that signal. Your pet is conditioned to stay in the safe areas of the yard. If your pet gets too close, the collar will activate and give either a tone or a correction/tone depending on the setting.Your pet is conditioned to the boundaries for only 5-15 minutes per day for one week. After that week, you just watch your pet to be sure she understands where she can go … And that’s it!Your pet is safe and sound on her property and you can enjoy life a little easier. Knowing you have done the right thing for her and the smart thing for your busy lifestyle.

The Contain-A-Pet Receiver Collars – Your Pet’s Lifelong Companion

  • The receivers are called the Omni7000 Mini and The Big Brother. They come in two sizes so that any size dog or cat can wear them comfortably.
  • The Omni7000 weighs in at just a tad over 1 ounce. This is the perfect choice for small dogs and mild tempered large dogs. It is the receiver collar of choice for the cat fence (Yes, we contain cats as well.). From the smallest of dogs and cats to even medium and large sized dogs, the Omni7000 is one of the greatest technological advancements in the electronic pet fence industry.
  • The Big Brother weight is only 1.5 ounces! The Big Brother has the strongest correction for its size in the industry! It will contain even the most determined dogs. Dog containment is not a worry. Remember, we guarantee it!
  • Both electronic collars carry a limited lifetime warranty on the electronics. You will never have to worry about buying a replacement collar again due to failed electronics again.
  • State of the art digital technology to insure the collars will not activate on false signals.
  • Contain-A-Pet has an automatic fail safe feature called Pet Protect so that if a pet gets caught in the field, the units will stop correcting after 13 or 25 seconds and go into tone only mode.
  • They can be programmed to different correction levels. This allows our trainers to customize the receiver to the personality of your pet.
  • Contain-A-Pet has the On-Board Trainer that no one else has in the pet fence industry! This Trainer will monitor how many times a pet tests the field in a 20 minute period. If the pet tests 3 times in this period, it will automatically adjust to the next correction setting.
  • Another Contain-A-Pet exclusive is our Battery Alert for the receiver. The receiver can be programmed to “tone only” if the battery drops below a set voltage. This is another fail safe device to prevent your pet from running away from the property.
  • Still another Contain-A-Pet “only feature” is Retreat Technology which reinforces the corrected pet’s retreat to prevent her from lingering near the boundary.
  • Made in the USA. We all do what we can for our country because it is our home.

Our receivers are designed to do one thing better than anyone – keep your pet in your yard where she belongs!

A Note about Training: Contain-A-Pet’s trainers recommend the settings to be set so that the collar tones and corrects at the same time. These are sound pet behavior principles that will save you worry, save you money and more importantly, possibly save your pet’s life! Look at it like this. Your conditioned pet knows her boundaries by her sense of smell and repetition. If you provide a warning each time, you are teaching your pet to test the boundaries. Each time she tests the boundaries, she may get corrected … and it’s not her fault!. In addition, she is also draining the batteries in the electronic receiver collar. One day there will be no tone, she can keep going … right on out of the yard!

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