Are you having issues with your Contain A Pet fence system?
Please see below for possible causes and solutions to our most frequently asked questions.

My Collar Isn’t Working

There are a few reasons why the collar receiver may not be functioning properly. Keep in mind, when you take the collar to the perimeter of your yard, hold it down about 2′ from the ground to listen for the audible beep. Do not hold the collar up by your head (5-6′ above the ground) as it may not pick up the signal coming from the buried wire.

If you have two collars, verify the fence is still in operation by testing both collars. If one of them is still working, continue to troubleshoot the other collar:

  • Have you tried putting a new battery in it?
  • Is the battery facing the right direction (+ sign towards the cap)?
  • Where did you get the battery? We recommend using batteries from Interstate Batteries (or Contain A Pet) only. If you have a different battery, please try a new battery from Interstate Battery. 
  • If you have tried a new battery and it is still not working, please try using a pencil eraser to clean off the spring inside of the receiver. Occasionally battery buildup causes it to not make full contact with the spring and the receiver won’t function.
  • If you know the system is operational by testing a 2nd collar, and this collar still does not function, please mail the receiver to us (removed from the nylon collar), at the address shown below. We will diagnose and replace under warranty (if found defective) for $25 shipping/handling. 
  • If it is not working, but you are not sure if the system is operational, go to the transmitter (controller) wherever it is mounted and proceed to the next step.

Is my Transmitter Functioning Properly?

  • Is it plugged in? Is the power switch on the bottom turned on?
  • Is the green power light lit up?
  • Is the red “loop” light lit up? 
  • Is the audible alarm going off? If so, then the wire is cut and you will need to schedule a service call. Please call us at 309-310-9655. 
  • Is your transmitter plugged into a surge protector? We only recommend Panamax brand surge protectors. You can purchase these through us or find them on Amazon.
  • If the alarm is NOT going off, but the red loop light is not lit, please call us at 309-310-9655

The Alarm on my Transmitter is going off

If the audible alarm is going off on your transmitter, then your wire has been cut somewhere in the yard.

  • Has any work been performed in your yard where you know the wire has been cut? If so, you can repair it by using waterproof connectors available at home stores, located next to irrigation products or in the electrical aisle. You may need a small section of wire to connect the gap, we recommend 14 gauge wire. 
  • Have you edged your sidewalk or driveway? Oftentimes the wire crosses a driveway and gets cut with a metal edger.  If the cut is very close to the concrete and there is not enough wire left to connect to, we may have to replace the wire across the entire driveway.
  • Have any utility companies been working in your area and they may have cut the yard?
  • If you do not know where the cut in your wire is, please call us to schedule a service call. 309-310-9655.
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